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DUI is a charge that can lead to serious consequences, including jail time, loss of driver’s license, high fees, required chemical assessment, mandatory classes, high insurance rates and a criminal record that could affect future career and education opportunities. The laws in Alabama are tough – and keep getting tougher.

If you are an Alabama resident or if you were arrested while visiting Alabama, make sure you have an experienced Birmingham DUI defense lawyer. At the Amari & Gray in Birmingham, attorney John Amari will explain your rights and options in plain, straightforward language.

  • Driver’s license suspension: If you were arrested for DUI or if you have too many points on your license, we can guide you through the administrative hearing process.
  • DUI defenses: We will listen carefully as you describe your arrest, and we will evaluate the evidence to defend you against the DUI charge.
  • Chemical and field sobriety tests: We will challenge any test that was improperly administered or done by uncertified personnel.
  • Youthful offender DUI: Minors charged with DUI may have a sealed criminal record, but an open license revocation record.
  • DUI and drugs: Alcohol is not the only impairment that can lead to DUI charges; so can drugs, including prescription drugs.
  • Alabama DUI penalties: The state’s DUI penalties were tough, and, after 2011 changes, are now among the toughest in the nation.
  • Felony DUI: After three prior convictions, the fourth is charged as a felony. We can win the case and/or challenge prior convictions.
  • First offense DUI: There are multiple options available. An experienced attorney can explain those options and fight for them.
  • Commercial license (CDL) DUI: As a truck driver, your livelihood depends on having a valid CDL. If you were arrested for DUI or have too many points, call us.
  • DUI accidents: If your DUI involved an accident with property damage or injuries, make sure you have a Birmingham drunk driving lawyer who will protect your rights.

Have you been arrested for DUI? Discuss your case only with an experienced Birmingham drunk driving attorney

You can call Amari & Gray at any time of day or night to set up a free initial consultation. Tell defense attorney John Amari about the circumstances of your arrest. He will explain your rights and your options. Contact us as soon as possible.

“I was arrested by an over-zealous police officer. That same day I called John and hired him to look into the charges against me. It turns out that I was charged with the wrong crime and I was charged with a crime that did not even exist. John had my case taken care of on the first visit to court.”
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