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Our Story

Several years have gone by and the exact details are a bit fuzzy, but it all began with a chance encounter: So, two lawyers walked into a bar, only instead of a bar it was a labor and delivery unit at a local hospital, and instead of two lawyers it was a labor and delivery nurse and a photographer. Did we mention the nurse was pregnant? Exactly what happened next is a source of some debate, but the nurse told the photographer she heard from a friend that she was very talented, and she was looking for someone to take some maternity photos. The ladies talked a while and an instant chemistry was formed. Sometime during their conversation, the following exchange took place:

Nurse: Are you married, have any children?
Photographer: Yes, we have one, a boy.
Nurse: What does your husband do?
Photographer: He’s a lawyer.
Nurse: Really? Mine is too. What’s his name?
Photographer: His name is Johnny.
Nurse: Really? Mine is named Johnny too.
Photographer: Oh my gosh, it’s destiny.

They went on to schedule a time for a shoot and the photographer did an amazing job. The photos she took that day hang in the nurse’s bedroom to this day. Sometime later these lawyers named Johnny met and also found a natural friendship between them. Over the years they all became friends and developed a strong connection, which spread to their children as more were born and grew. Though they worked at separate firms, this friendship led the lawyers to work together on cases and seek out each other’s advice. The nurse and the photographer too, remained close, so close in fact the labor and delivery nurse would deliver the photographer’s next couple babies.

Now at this point, it would seem obvious that these lawyers were destined to put together a law firm, but it took until early 2018 for that to materialize.

So, a labor and delivery nurse and a photographer walked into a hospital and a law firm was born.

In addition to this chance encounter, the nurse, Lindsay Gray, and the photographer, Ambre Amari, have contributed so much to the establishment of this firm that it is truly too much to be listed here. Ladies, we love you are forever in your debt.

The Johnnys

Amari & Gray
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